About Us

On June 1st, 2020 The Celebrating This Life Shop officially launched. We are an online shop specializing in sought after brand name prints and one of a kind fashions and home decor items.

Each item is carefully selected based on a criteria of classic style combined with quality. We believe that in order to celebrate every day, you need to surround yourself with great items. And hey, a special outfit doesn't hurt either!

The shop was started as a way to bring classic items to the Canadian marketplace (yes we do ship around the world!) We are located in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada and offer local pick up. 

We scour the world to find special vintage items and in the future we will offer a variety of CTL designed and made in Canada housewares. We are always interested in hearing your feedback and if you have a product suggestion, please feel free to reach out at Celebratingthislife@gmail.com. 

Celebrating This Life started as a personal blog by Rox-Anne Henderson. After seven successful years of blogging she decided to pursue a dream of running a shop filled with all the items she loves. She enjoyed travelling and antiquing around the world but grew increasingly frustrated at the lack of options for colourful and classic clothing in her home country. For years she heard that frustration grow in the voices of her followers and decided to fill this void in the market.